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5 ways I worked out with Rae(Click to read)

Rae spent most of her time screaming and needed to be held for the first 6 months straight. I began working out 4 weeks after giving birth to her naturally! But I found it hard most times because the second I put her down she would wail away. So I found that working out with her not only calmed her down, but kept her occupied, and added additional weight to my work out! Not to mention there was some serious bonding time :)

Here are 5 simple ways I incorporated her:

1) Squats

I would hold Rae in my arms and do 3 sets of 20 and when she started getting a little heavier I would attach my baby Bjorn carrier place her in face outwards and workout in front of the mirror

Tip: Push the Hips Back and the Knees Apart


Holding Rae firmly in my arms or in her carrier

Tip: The general pointer while performing a lunge is to try to keep your knees aligned over your second toe so that the knee is moving in the same direction as the ankle joint- Ace Fitness

3)Wall Sits

Grab a wall I would hold her close to my body for a count of 30 seconds then away from my body for a 30 second count take a break then repeat 3 times

Tip: To prevent pain and injury, never let your knees move in front of your toes when doing the wall squat. Do not squat deeper than 90 degrees and always keep your second toe lined up with your knees.-

4) Russian Baby Twist

Sitting on my butt in a V position with my knees bent I would cradle Rae and twist and twist side to side

Tip: Squeeze your core while doing the twisting motion and elevate feet off the ground.

5) Crunches

With my little brother Kyle holding my feet firmly on the ground I would place Rae on my stomach with her back rested on my thighs and crunch up! Giving her a little kiss every time I came up!

The difference between looking good and actually being in shape is the consistency to nutrition and daily activity!
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