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For the month of February we are focused on creating and finding our peace.

Finding your peace can sound easy, but it is quite the challenge.

In our world today it is difficult to find 2 minutes to focus on your own thoughts. An amazing way to bring it all home and take some time to reflect is finding a thought provoking and fitness promoting zone!

Ask yourself

What stresses you out? Who ? How have you reacted in the past to stressful situations? There are a host of physical and mental reactions to stress, and everyone reacts differently. Understanding how it manifests in your life is the first step to finding your peace.

So here's how you create that space!

1) Find a time in your day with low activity

2) Take yourself off the map ( turn your phone on DO NOT DISTURB)

3) Brainstorm your top three relaxing hobbies ( working out, knitting, drawing......)

4) Find a location that has the least amount of stress promoting activators


-Schedule time in your day with the least amount of activity every day or once a week on your calendar

-Now rotate your three relaxing hobbies that you brainstormed at the same location every day or once a week


Commit to this rotation!



For Owner and CEO Delisa Roman, it's the gym or a park!

" I have been able to identify that working out is my favorite hobby, being in gym or at a local park can change the course of my entire day. I have definitely found my peace"

Delisa finds the necessary time to go off the grid for about an hour a day. She focuses on herself and her goals for that full hour. As a mother, business woman, and entrepreneur Delisa understands the need to unwind and spend quality time with herself.


Tell us how we can help you find your peace!

The difference between looking good and actually being in shape is the consistency to nutrition and daily activity!
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