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Kickboxing-Cardio Trainer June Heats up Bootcamps


Cardio kickboxing developed from three separate disciplines: martial arts, aerobics and boxing. Rather than challenging competitors, cardio kickboxers challenge themselves to improve their overall fitness.


Meet June, former boxer and Fit Moms of Philly, LLC trainer. June provides a dynamic workout experience that not only gives his students a cardio filled workout but proper technique and form. June's one hour class is packed with cross hooks, jabs, and kicks while teaching balance, flexibility and coordination. June welcomes all levels to his classes as he teaches the basics and allows his students to consistently build and improve upon their technique.

"The kicking and punching moves that are the hallmark of kickboxing can release stress, anger and frustration. In addition, you may find that kickboxing improves your confidence level and your feeling of self-esteem. Although kickboxing classes are not the same as self-defense classes, kickboxing may teach you basic self-defense skills, KidsHealth notes."

Fit Moms of Philly, LLC prides itself on the variety of fitness experiences it brings to its participants. Allowing women to understand that there are a variety of ways to stay active!

The difference between looking good and actually being in shape is the consistency to nutrition and daily activity!
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