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Cali SoulCycle Instructor's 3 Minute "One Dance" Workout Gets Fit Moms Sweating!

Wednesday night's 6:30pm Kickboxing Cardio class welcomed California SoulCycle extraordinaire Chris Mercer!

Chris gave the class a 3 minute "One Dance" workout that consisted only of a 2 pound weight and a little Drake. Fit Moms Of Philly, LLC's mission is to introduce women to a variety of options in fitness/health. The fitness lifestyle brand encourages women to take the workouts from the various classes that they are offeered and incorporate it into their daily routine.

Chris's 3 minute workout is a simple yet calorie burning, heart pumping, endurance building workout that can be done at home.

For more on classes from Chris visit his Instagram page:

The difference between looking good and actually being in shape is the consistency to nutrition and daily activity!
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