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FMOP 5 Min (WORK)out

Sedentary jobs are slowly eating away at the very thing you are working so hard to maintain. As much as 50 million Americans live a sedentary lifestyle, meaning 50 million Americans are spending at least 8 hours a day in a chair while their health is slowly deteriorating. Almost 16% of deaths among American men and women can be attributed to poor fitness.

"Doing something is better than doing nothing, and doing more is better than doing less, at least up to a point."

- Steven Blair, PED

So how do you tackle this issue head on? You must work, you must have an income, you must take care of your bills... Right! But what about your quality of life? YOU MUST take action and be proactive IN THE WORK PLACE. Instead of being a victim you need to champion your circumstances and make the best of your sedentary lifestyle.

The 5 min (WORK)out is simple… Owner of Fit Moms of Philly and full time business woman Delisa Roman suggests that for every 1 hour spent sitting there should be a minimum of 5 minutes dedicated to activity! This could mean a walk around the office, a series of planks with 30 second breaks in-between, squats while you send out your emails, or push-ups off of your desk! The list goes on and on! Holding yourself accountable is key! Understanding that corporations are concerned with your productivity not your health really puts an emphasis on championing your life!

Download "FitMoms" in Apple or Android stores for daily workout tips!

The difference between looking good and actually being in shape is the consistency to nutrition and daily activity!
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